Posted by: elephantsinthailand | May 20, 2011

For Asian Elephants, Thailand Leads the Way

With so many new and exciting ways to enjoy a holiday, and ecotourism becoming a popular way to exploit nature without harming it, adventure holidays are the way to go for both businesses and tourists alike. South-East Asia’s climate and inexpensive costs of living and travelling, and the culture and cuisine, make it the best place in the world to travel to for the widest range of budgets. Jungle trekking and scuba diving are wonderful ways to experience nature without causing unnecessary damage. For elephant tours Thailand is a top destination, mainly because of the size and temperament of the animals and the well-run tour companies. If you want to just visit or ride elephants Thailand is a great destination.

elephant tours Kanchanaburi Thailand
There are many thousands of square kilometres of natural habitat in Thailand for elephants to roam in the wild or be cared for in captivity. It is cruel to take them to cities or beach resorts and force them to work, so tourists should avoid giving money to those who abuse these wonderful creatures for their own monetary gain. One of the most convenient natural habitats for an elephant camp is just north-west of Bangkok. These places give tourists the opportunity to feed and pet pachyderms, ride them within the elephant camp if they’re feeling brave enough, and offer day trips into the jungle for the best experience. For these day trips riding an elephant Thailand really is a fantastic destination. They are hard-working animals, have gentle temperaments and good memory capacity. They appear to be aware of which humans care for them, control them, are scared of them and may harm them. It is perfectly safe to walk around them and touch their trunks, ears or flanks. Some people even take part in elephant shows and lie on the ground for the animals to step over, and sometimes on, them. From personal experience, I can recommend this as a wonderful, safe and humbling experience.

elephant riding at an elephant camp Thailand
For those who are considering or planning a visit to an elephant camp Thailand should be the first place they think about. The animals are well treated, and the people are friendly, helpful and competent. African elephants are significantly larger than those in Asia and also used to wide open spaces as their natural habitat. This means that riding them in real-world surrounding that they’re used to must involve savannah safari-type trips more than jungle treks. Moreover, with constant political conflicts and extreme poverty, Africa is often seen as a less desirable holiday destination mainly due to the feeling of safety and security.

Elephants in Thailand
In contrast and conclusion, Thailand has so much to offer visitors. Such as good shopping, delicious food, wonderful people, waterfalls, jungle treks, soft white sandy beaches, and clear turquoise seas full of marine life. In addition, for some of the world’s best elephant camps Thailand is fast becoming the top destination in the world. Go there and see for yourself before word gets out and it is spoilt by too many tourists or greedy businesses charging more than is fair.
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